So I believe I am talking. I have got 2 blogs running Wordpress 3. Both make use of the same theme. Nothing continues to be drastically modified either in one, however the the first is exhibiting because it should and also the other is missing various styles and functionality.

I understand the reason for the issue - a 404 error around the one site for 2 assets. These assets are PHP files saved within the theme's directory both in installations Body can be used like a CSS file and also the other a Javascript file. However in the main one both are fine, within the other they're showing unusual behavior.

Essentially if put forth the URL for that resource, you're going to get this content displayed (despite the fact that it 404s) but as script-src ref or link-href within the browser this content appears to become overlooked (most likely as it ought to be!). Things I do not get is the reason why the main one blog is coming back a 404 of these two files (which certainly exist) and that he other the first is absolutely fine!???

I can not use whatever variations in Wordpress either. But this only appears to possess happened because the host up-to-date Wordpress across all installations...

To determine what i'm saying: (the damaged one) and rival

Only a guess: have you enable any cache wordpress plugin?

Ok this is not probably the most elegant solution since it does not really fix the reason from the problem, but for this was the fastest fix to obtain the site searching "normal" again.

I forced the response to become a 200 within the individual files, which is not ideal I understand, however.

header('HTTP/1.1 200 OK');

Appears to possess done the secret for the time being. If other people has any ideas in regards to what the real cause might be, you can comment still