I'm wondering if Wordpress 3. allows me separate instances of the identical theme to personalize to my liking? I Quickly can use both of these styles in 2 separate blogs for the reason that same multiuser Wordpress 3. instance? Is possible?

Like could I completely personalize the TwentyTen theme after which install another TwentyTen theme within different title/folder and lcustomize that a lot.

I'm learning the inches-and-outs of Wordpress 3. to be used in a lot of different projects including internal worker blogs.

Any insight could be great how I'd succeed such as this.

You can just produce a new copy from the TwentyTen theme folder having a different title within the /wordpress-content/styles directory:


Then open the styles.css file within the new theme's folder and edit the comment at the very top (as well as produce a new screenshot.png if you would like). This way, when you are within the WordPress theme user interface, you'll have the ability to tell the 2 styles apart.