Wishing people can help me using the following questions re: WordPress 3 on MAMP OS X:

1) Under my installing of MAMP, underneath the htdocs directory, I've got a WordPress site installation, say known as Site A.

I would now like to produce a new WordPress site, for Site B, should i download a brand new install of WordPress after which set this up under htdocs, now known as Site B and new Site B database - is the right procedure?

2) I realize that WordPress requires a styles.css file under CSS, the website I wish to transfer to WordPress includes a styles.css plus 3 other CSS files it needs.

What's the best practice with integrating another 3 stylesheet files, to ensure that they're included in WordPress, i.e should i give them a call from inside styles.css?


WordPress 3. supports multiple sites out of the box (it was once another codebase, WordPress MultiUser). So yes, you should use exactly the same install, but when you'd rather make it simple you can easily install two WordPress installations side-by-side.

If you wish to create your own theme, you need to do need a minimum of a style.css file with a few details about the theme inside a comment block. WordPress will look at this info and display it within the admin area. But a style may also contain other files (should, actually), just like a header.php along with a footer.php. Within the header.php, you most likely place the code to load your stylesheet. This is often style.css, however it does not need to be. You can any stylesheet(s) you would like, such as the three files you've now (just write multiple <link rel="stylesheet"> tags). But including them via @include in style.css is okay too: the option can be you.