It is possible to way will be able to remove links in posts via my functions.php file. Essentially I'm not going anybody to have the ability to go outdoors from the blogs which are seen. I've 100s of posts and so i clearly can't undergo these and take away them by hand. Or could I personally use javascript?

Thanks a lot.

Up-to-date: The jQuery below is excellent. Does anybody determine if there's a means I'm able to get it done through php during my functions.php file? If, for whatever absurd reason, someone has JS disabled is the reason why I request.


You could utilize JavaScript, but you are not likely to have the ability to stop people departing if they would like to.

Something similar to this might work, although I've not examined also it was wiped off-hands:

$('#content a').each(function() {

Using the jQuery library, this should replace all <a> tags using what is at together.

So <a href="">Google</a> should become just Google.

You are able to strip the links quickly utilizing a regular expression -

$post_content = get_the_content();
$post_content = preg_replace( "|<a *href=\"(.*)\">(.*)</a>|", "\\2", $post_content );
echo $post_content

This will have to use your theme wherever you print the_content. Untested.