I am creating a site which has a two level menu produced using the admin Menu tool. Recption menus consists of links to both Pages and Category lists. It does not link straight to Posts. However , whenever you drill lower right into a Category list and click on to see just one publish for the reason that Category, recption menus highlighting will get it wrong.

I have examined on the new install of WP3, setup an easy test site having a couple of pages and posts in 3 groups. All I have transformed within the theme may be the style.css to focus on the entire path.


Here is a direct connect to notice a categorised publish here:


Things are a webpage, except using the section "Advice Groups" - all individuals sub products are category lists that contains categorised posts - each publish is just categorised having a single category. Recption menus structure is determined entirely within the Menu configurations. On that Blue Rocks page, recption menus ought to be outlined such as this: Advice Groups -> Rocks, but it is highlighting the Sample Page item. And when you rollover the "Advice Groups" menu, you'll notice that it's properly highlighting the "Rocks" food selection.

It appears in my experience that Wordpress is using the 'current-publish-parent' class towards the wrong top food selection, but maybe I am missing something?

// Edit, rewrite to really make it clearer.

It appears as if were both getting much the same issues. - Trouble highlighting correct menu parent with wp_nav_menu classes while viewing “single posts”

I am not using groups as links during my menu however i rely on them to filter content to every page via query_posts...should you examine the output from Wordpress you will find its really placing the present page class to the incorrect li tag when viewing just one publish - Is going on too?