I moved a Wordpress website in one server to a different and i'm now getting 404 errors on everything however the webpage.

I additionally checked the .htaccess file can there be and also the database contents. They're fine. Unsure what else might be leading to this.

Any ideas in the community?

Presuming the URL has transformed

You have to update either the database or (if you are lucky) among the .php files within the wordpress distro - see the wordpress article on this.

I'd exactly the same problem and wound up needing to edit the database. You are seeing the 404's because wordpress thinks will still be located in the old URL and it is therefore attempting to retrieve files from this.

When the URL hasn't transformed

Possibly permissions need upgrading around the folders? The folders ought to be set at 755 and also the files 644 (reference here).

Presuming you've pretty permalinks enabled, are you certain the new server has mod-rewrite enabled? You may also determine if this sounds like the issue by visiting a pagelike yoursite.com/?p=1 where 1 is really a page id.

Appears like you might have reduced the problem - I'd an identical problem where permalinks wouldn't work, however the default links did work. I modified the .htaccess file as to the Wordpress stated to complete. Two times I figured I'd reduced the problem, but did not.

I'd moved it to my local Ubuntu Karmic Koala system for testing, and located the solution involved editing personal files in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled. On my small system, it had been known as 000-default.

This file had claims such as the .htaccess file, as well as in two places had AllowOverride None, that we needed to switch to AllowOverride All. Apparently, this file overrides any nearby .htaccess files.

I additionally needed to alter the location of Wordpress within the primary configuration, but which was apparent.

I really hope this helps somebody who has attempted all of the normal suggestions much like me, and it is still getting problems.