HI all. I am focusing on a online file library for just one of my clients. It is a library for mostly Ebooks and office documents. Since they're a large amount(almost 2gb in files), I am hosting them on another site(divshare), to ensure that the hosting account we've does not get blocked through the more than files, as well as due to excess traffic installing can generate.

So, my real question is if there's a great download manager(despite some look for download groups and thus) that may handle rather than local submitted files, Web addresses of files located elsewhere?

The recommendation about any wordpress plugin or even the like is extremely appreciated. Thanks,


You request how you can code such manager, right? Otherwise, you're around the wrong site...

I want to create a type of file manager, with the exception that rather than producing HTML pages to see the files and act in it, it exposes an internet API, coming back XML or Json data, that the WordPress wordpress plugin can manage.

From Divshare:

The DivShare Uploader Wordpress plugin for Wordpress replaces your family uploading frame having a DivShare upload form, permitting you to definitely easily upload and add files without ever departing your "Write a Publish" page. It's a terrific way to accelerate your blogging and go ahead and take load off your servers when hosting large files and pictures.

It may be found here: http://www.divshare.com/integrate

Best Of Luck!