During my WordPress based site, I wish to give a custom area (e.g. kind of user - worker, investor) within the user registration form within the admin side, without editing the core file. Can anybody please suggest how do i get it done, might be a plug-in or some script?

I've already attempted Cimi, Register Plus, CYC plug-inches however they all give facility to include custom area from front side registration form Or perhaps in the consumer edit form following the user is registered for brand spanking new from admin side. Can there be in whatever way we are able to get it done within the user register form from admin side?


To have the ability to do both - i.e. add something towards the registration form And also have it editable in the admin side, you must do 2 things.

The very first, is add extra user meta (so that you can discover their whereabouts in the admin side) and the second reason is to produce a new registration template which hooks into WP's registration process.

There is a great tutorial at:


Which provides coverage for virtually everything. Best of luck!

http://www.cozmoslabs.com/wordpress-profile-builder/ the professional version of Profile Builder allows you add user fields directly within the after sales (Users>Add New User).

Nevertheless it will not add individuals fields within the WordPress registration (example.com/wordpress-login.php?action=register) if you want that.