I my wordpress blog home based page which shows some particulars of items.I wish to display blog information also during my wordpress...for this reason i have to add another connect to home page excepti about and residential link.the way it easy to add..if anybody knows please spend a while for me personally please

You can a little more specific in your question : must you create links to pages, articles, and whereby your template would you like to include these links ? Take a look article: http://en.support.wordpress.com/pages/hide-pages/

Take a look at the themes section within the Wordpress documentation. Should i be reading through your properly, you need to add new links. Wordpress instantly creates links within the template functions that will get all pages you just need to add the page, and when the theme is to establish properly, it'll load the page's URL and title and put it within the menu bar.

If this doesn't happen, chances are theme author didn't connect the creation of the get pages function to the menu. If that's the case, you need to by hand edit the theme. Because this differs from styles to styles, there's nobody answer. More often than not recption menus come in header.php within the particular styles folder.