I must create two plug ins for my wordpress blog and that i need different admin configurations for.I'm attempting to adding wordpress plugin administration but which choosing both configurations together when choose single.Wrong beside me.Right here I'm affixing things i done

add_action('admin_menu', 'sb_load_featured_slider');

function sb_load_featured_slider() {
$mypage = add_options_page('SB_Featured Slider', 'SB_Featured Slider', 8,   array('sbslider','sbslider1','sbslider2'), 'sb_featured');
add_action( "admin_print_scripts-$mypage", 'sb_loadjs_admin_head' );

and my second wordpress plugin states the following

add_action('admin_menu', 'sb_load_intro');

  function sb_load_intro() 
$mypage = add_options_page('SB Introduction', 'SB Introduction', 9,  array('sbintro','sbjquery'), 'sb_intro');
add_action( "admin_print_scripts-$mypage", 'sb_introjs_admin_head' );

well I see one similarity between your 2 functions. You apply the $mypage variable both in functions and employ that for that second add action. use different variable names and find out whether it fix your condition.

eg: $mypage1, $mypage2