i am wondering if you can give a php file inside your styles folder (wordpress-content/styles/classic) in which the css file is, then link later on? Because i am presently attempting to give a register.php into my blog however i still require the header and anything else.

Yes. What you would like would be to define a brand new "page" template, after which to produce a new page inside your wordpress by using their template. Here's the Wordpress documentation on that subject: http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages#Page_Templates

Alternatively, it's not necessary to put it inside your theme folder place the it within the root wordpress folder and also have it function outdoors of wordpress. You'll be able to improve your theme to possess a static connect to that page, or connect to it in certain other manner. It might be harder to make use of the header/footer/sidebar template features, though.

Yes. For instance, if you would like something similar to www.yourdomain.com/test follow this steps:

  1. Inside your theme folder produce a php file known as page-test.php.

  2. Out of your dashboard create a page using the title Test(without any content whatsoever).

  3. Now, when you'll visit www.yourdomain.com/test you'll se your page. As well as in page-test.php you should use all Wordpress functions for example get_header(), get_sidebar() etc.