Please could anybody assist me to with this particular problem? The wordpress admin bar isn't exhibiting around the front-finish (public visible pages) of this site. It shows when I am drenched in in the after sales i.e Dashboard though. User configurations are ok (set to exhibit admin bar when viewing the website). I've attempted deactivating (then, re-initiating ) installed plug ins, still no show.

Only a background note: I lately moved the website to my webhost (I had been developing in your area and everything labored and it is working). And I've got a custom folder for wordpress. I'm wondering when the problem has related to this.

Help I've looked everywhere but appears everybody is searching to hide the admin panel rather.

Thanks ahead of time

Will it 'know' that you're drenched in ? much more front-end ? ie: meta widget shows 'logout' rather than login. otherwise Have you by any chance experiment using the cookie pathways?

I acquired confused because I had been drenched in at after sales, although not front-end. It was because I'd being having fun with the cookie path and didn't remember to uncomment what I'd done.

Make sure that your theme features a call towards the function wp_footer() sooner or later, usually in the very bottom of footer.php. That creates the code needed for that admin bar to exhibit.