I've being toying with ordering an order from the admin icons within the dashboard without any luck- i want my very own custom widget at the very top.... Wordpress's own way of carrying this out (http://codex.wordpress.org/Dashboard_Icons_API) simply does not work...

Anybody have working ideas?


It does not work because there's a phone call to usort() at line 23 in includes/widgets.php that utilizes strnatcasecmp() for evaluations. There's no apparent method to override or change this call.

One possible workaround is always to perform a little hackery that removes your widget from $wp_registered_widgets after which re-card inserts it having a title that starts having a space, therefore putting it towards the top of the type order. Note: I haven't attempted carrying this out, there might be other activities that break by using this approach, but there's not a great deal of other available choices lacking hacking the core file itself, the industry Bad Thing®.

Ps: Because the sort requires a string arg, I've one nasty thought including an on-the-fly search and replace within the core code itself ... nah, that will involve Flying Monkey Patching™, meaning Flying Apes, and guess what happens happened to Dorothy. Easier to not visit.