I'm while using ACF wordpress plugin (2.1.4 - latest version) for WordPress (3.2.1 - latest version).

Everything appears to operate fine, aside from after i make use of a WYSIWYG area. Any paragraph tags used aren't saved towards the database. TinyMCE is placing them after i visit the HTML view, but the moment I save and appear within the DB tables, no paragraph tags are located.

This doesn't appear to affect other HTML like 'strong' tags etc however, oddly enough enough, it will appear to affect 'br' tags too.

After I save a webpage and consider the HTML view, they all are there, however i think this really is TinyMCE just doing its very own formatting and never the 'literal' content as received in the database.

I reported this issue by having an older version from the wordpress plugin a lengthy while back which received virtually no recognition whatsoever. This can be a completely new install of Wordpress and also the latest from the wordpress plugin and so i assumed this bug could have been fixed right now - not too.

Now, rather than depending in it to sort it, I am wishing for any quick / dirty / hack / treatment for the meantime until this occurs.

It is a great wordpress plugin, but this really is a little of the show stopper for me personally at this time, and that i assume others have experienced this issue too.

Thank you, Michael.

get_area($area_id) rather than get_publish_meta won't strip the p tags.