My Wordpress is all of a sudden exhibiting the home page rather than any posts.

All Page and category Web addresses work fine, it is simply Posts.

It isn't a permalink problem in fact using default web addresses (eg: ?p=123)

Ive used W3 Total Cache, but switched that off for the time being. Problem remains.

All Plug ins are up to date. I have attempted deactivating all of them, attempted running each one of these seperately, no change.

Using Wordpress 3.(something), it is the latest anyway, I usually update the 2nd I begin to see the notice.

Theme is custom, but when i stated, it work fine until a couple of hrs ago.

If anybody has any ideas, I'd be very grateful.



edit Oh Jeebus, will i feel stupid now! Within moments of wondering, I observed I'd accidentally erased single.php from the theme. DOH!

Sorry if you would come here looking to answer an effective question. I am a professional coder, honest! I'll redeem myself by responding to a couple of questions elsewhere...