I love to create during my WordPress installation a Custom Publish, after which allow customers to produce posts only for the reason that portion of my installation. I'd rather not permit them to add any publish in normal posts as well as add new tags or groups.

Is the fact that posible ?

An amount be possible is to produce a custom page type which includes a form, including just the title and content fields, which creates the brand new 'post' straight to the database. The consumer wouldn't have many of the actual WordPress functionality, but would obtain the effect you are after where they are able to submit content.

Another possibility, much less technical, is always to setup cellular phone with 'Multisite', after which have only one separate separate "site" that customers have author/editor use of, and also the primary site stays just like yours. They may be top quality in the same way, with custom navigation bars and things (that are now area of the WordPress core), so far as customers often see, it might you need to be a piece in your existing site.

I do not think you can just do what you would like using the WordPress core because it stands right now.

I have never witnessed any plug ins or similar that will do that out of the box, however i do expect it might be possible with many different playing around. Next much playing around using the code, the chances are you'd have forfeit the important thing Wordpress functionality, and wouldn't have the ability to upgrade or use certain plug ins.

The only real other available choices are coming up with a totally custom application, or replacing WordPress for something similar to Joomla!