I really like Wordpress! I literally utilize it to build up every site that needs some kind of a Content management systems. It is an exciting around Content management systems during the last few years. My issue is that some clients have an adverse look at Wordpress because of its history like a blogging service. Despite my professional recommendation, they often want something other then Wordpress (even though this rarely happens).

My real question is (and I am just searching for advice and insight using their company professionals), if I will take time to learn another Content management systems, what if it is? I am not really thinking about Joomla or Drupal, while you might have the ability to sway me. I've done some investigation and Concrete5 appears to become nice. I'd like something very extensible, then one I possibly could potentially Whitened Label.

Of course, just help!

You might want to try Content management systems Made Simple, also known as CMSMS. http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/

Try expression engine: http://expressionengine.com/