I've got a website that I wish to setup to ensure that customers can sign up for the website however the administrator from the site may have the ultimate say on whether they could be a person in the website or otherwise.

I'm running Wordpress 3..1 and Buddypress 1.2.5, buddypress can be used to join up the consumer, and so i assume it will have to be a buddypress wordpress plugin that's accustomed to allow or deny the consumer. I've looked and looked and can't develop any wordpress plugin that illegal copies this functionality. What are the available, or something that provides a similar experience?

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This is a British petroleum component for Allow / Deny User:


The description:

A WordPress BuddyPress wordpress plugin that enables for brand new member moderation, if moderation is switched on in the admin configurations page, any new people is going to be blocked from getting together with any buddypress elements (except editing their very own profile and uploading their avatar) and won't be indexed by any directory until webmaster grants or declines their account.

I've just completed an intensive research exercise about this, with similar requirement in your mind. The sad fact is the fact that the majority of the plug ins that allegedly provide you with this functionality fail to work fully and correctly. I attempted numerous plug ins including:

  • Buddypress Registration Options
  • Absolute Privacy
  • Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Wordpress plugin
  • BuddyPress Private Community

Many of these unsuccessful to provide me bulletproof security. They largely appeared to bar standard WordPress pages, but did not block public accessibility Activity, People, Groups along with other sections. Other conditions were simply setting it up to utilize Wordpress 3..1. I discovered I needed to search in to the wordpress plugin code and hack it to obtain a decent result.

Finally, I chosen a wordpress plugin known as "registered-customers-only-2". This totally blocks customers that aren't registered. However, it does not provide you with moderation functionality.

I really hope this can help your mission.