I have made my front-end website in Wordpress which is acceptable for me, i wish to produce the member/staff area in Drupal because it has more functionality with Google paperwork and Mediawiki.

I'm wondering if it is possible that i can share logins between both sites, therefore if i register a person using blogging platforms, they'll have the ability to login around the Drupal site aswell?

OpenId will be a method of doing it , apart from that it ought to be easy to write a function to retrieve the Wordpress customers info in the database and make corresponding customers in Drupal. The function would then be known as each time a new user is produced. Both platforms are very well recorded, therefore it should not be too hard to sort out.

Now, I understand you've made your point obvious about using both Wordpress &lifier Drupal , however it does seem a little like overkill understanding that whatever that you can do in Wordpress should be easily possible in Drupal... however i digress )

You should use saml as the solution for single sign up and provisioning. Is standard and several companies uses it.

Check simplesamlphp , an open source with good documentation, active project and nice comunity.

Is available plug ins to easy add saml support to Mediawiki, Drupal and Wordpress.

Also google has saml support and simplesaml let easy handler it