Before diving into Wordpress wanted to ascertain if you'll be able to have private portion of website, where-in content specific to user is created available, for consumption through the viewer only, or her/his asked people, and never instantly readily available for all people. Do you know the ways that I possibly could personalize the member's experience ?

Is possible with a couple Wordpress-wordpress plugin, or wouldn't it require extensive programmatic changes ? If that's the case, is my requirement in certain kind of fundamental contradiction with Wordpress philosophy/design, and therefore it's not recommended to proceed with Wordpress?

My the likelihood of Wordpress is it's energy and recognition like a Content management systems, with an array of plug ins, s.t. during this project of mine, where time is the one thing in least supply (well, after money), I'm wishing to obtain some leverage. Another extremely important reason is that i'm not so familiar creating web-programs, sites etc.

A fundamental installing of wordpress can restrict posts and pages to a particular user roles and/or password safeguard them.

With the addition of a lot more than the conventional 5 user roles or copying a particular role to change their function from role to basically user groups you are able to extend individuals abilities.

While you stated there's an array of plug ins plus some of individuals also focus on user and user role management. Take a look at this article on stretching wordpress with wordpress plugin combinations and particularly look into the last section entitled "Make Your Own Custom Membership Site". Aside from some plug ins pointed out there (which each one is awesome) searching for similar plug ins within the wordpress plugin directory. To actually have the ability to judge the energy and viability of the wordpress plugin you must have a wordpress installation ready and test yourself.