I'm focusing on a apple iphone application which is designed to log right into a wordpress site . I attempted searching for various ways for connecting towards the website finally i understood i must use XMLRPC however i still havent been capable of finding the correct method title n parameter structure regarding how to establish the bond .

Below i've provide the code which i've used previously and attempted in cases like this. I appreciate any help available

-(IBAction)getResponse:(id) sender{

NSString *server = @"http://url.com";
XMLRPCRequest *requestmethod = [[XMLRPCRequest alloc] initWithHost:[NSURL URLWithString:server]];
[requestmethod setMethod:@"login" 
             withObjects:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:[NSArray 

NSString *result=[self executeXMLRPCRequest:requestmethod];

[requestmethod release];

if( ![result isKindOfClass:[NSString class]] ) //err occured.

- (id)executeXMLRPCRequest:(XMLRPCRequest *)req {

XMLRPCResponse *userInfoResponse = [XMLRPCConnection sendSynchronousXMLRPCRequest:req];
if([userInfoResponse isKindOfClass:[NSError class]]){
    NSLog(@"resp %@",userInfoResponse);
    return nil;
}else {
    return [userInfoResponse object];