I must create a site such as this (http://flippa.com/auctions/2673302/site) where I must show the final films and flicks information that I am getting from IMdb.. you will find a couple of APIs I'm able to use to create the code and locating posters, videos, etc, but I'd like ideas about how do i combine it with Wordpress! Thanks!

The 2 ways I'm able to think about are: Add the IMDB functionality for your theme's functions.php (easy, but will not stand the ages) or create a wordpress plugin.

Personally, I'd get this to right into a wordpress plugin. Here's the documentation on writing Wordpress plug ins. Place the all of your IMDB-interfacing code within the wordpress plugin, then use a mix of hooks and template tags to reveal the treats for your theme. All that's described at length within the documentation. Actually, Wordpress has fantastic documentation and so i suggest slapping this page in your faves.