Am building some really custom sites (fundamental power grid though) in wordpress. What are the base styles which are good for a basis to build up custom styles? I understand you will find a number of available and only agreed to be curious if there have been any which were made specifically for foundational reasons.

You can utilize a style generator to help ease your projects: creates a TwentyTen based theme.

Thematic in my opinion is unmatched like a base theme. I would suggest that. It already has items of power grid systems incorporated for example and blueprint css... However, it will require medium difficulty to advanced degree of wordpress theming understanding. I personally use it solely to construct styles as it's all too easy to override portions and it is very search engine optimization friendly.

Thematic website

Typically the most popular one I understand of is Thesis. It isn't free, however i believe it's worthwhile.

twentyten(the theme packed with wordpress 3.) Is ideal for this. You can study a great deal just from reading through your comments ought to within the code, and contains plenty of features that you could personalize for your own personel use. Carrington jam is yet another that that I've come across used.