I've got a wordpress blog that's kind of an estimate during the day kind of an offer and i'm searching to create a simple apple iphone application that instantly downloads your blog content (think RSS—kind of). I would like my visitors to have the ability to save their most favorite posts and I have to have the ability to show use of all archives (about 440 posts up to now). I additionally require it to transmit a push notification whenever a new publish is detected. Anyway, I've been searching at Nourishes, however it appears like I'm able to only show the final ten.

So far as apple iphone programming experience, I am in no way a noobie. However, I've mostly done game projects and that i do not have greatly knowledge about the web side of programming (installing, parsing, etc.).

Any ideas could be appreciated. I simply need to be pointed within the right direction.

TouchJSON has native XML parsing support for Wordpress Blog RSS format. Give it a try. You ought to be ready to go in around an hour.

You will get TouchJSON came from here https://github.com/TouchCode/TouchJSON

This is what I'd do, though I am sure you will find many solutions:

  • Obtain access to your Wordpress blog as JSON rather than RSS (XML). Generally, I have found the JSON libs to become much simpler to utilize compared to XML libs in iOS. Here's the very first wordpress plugin I discovered, also it appears like this is an "API" rather than only a conversion from the feed. Hopefully this provides you with more support for querying such things as archives or specific posts or date ranges, etc.: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/json-api/

  • Decide if you wish to load ALL content from each wordpress publish, or simply the game titles. This kinda is dependent how large each publish is, how you are exhibiting them, etc. It may be faster to simply fetch + parse all of the Publish Game titles and then suggest a subsequent query for any selected post's content.

  • Load the information with NSMutableURLRequest and NSURLConnection, etc. Make use of the json-framework to parse this data, when you have it to your application (I discovered it with the Stanford iOS dev lectures). Very easily converts a json string right into a NSDictionary: https://github.com/stig/json-framework/

  • For loading all archives, ideally you are able to constantly query for older posts together with your wordpress json wordpress plugin, and perhaps keep loaded post's timestamps around the device to ensure that you don't have to fetch data more often than once.

  • For saving all of this (including faves), I'd consider using CoreData. http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/DataManagement/Conceptual/iPhoneCoreData01/Introduction/Introduction.html

  • Push notices are another animal entirely! I guess a great way is always to store push tokens of your 'subscribers' somewhere in your server, then write some type of php script that triggered your APNS service with an interval, checked for brand new posts, and sent notices accordingly.

All the best!