I create plenty of blogs that share exactly the same fundamental structure of merely one "publish" and three "pages" (about us, e mail us, privacy). For that "publish" page, It's my job to just edit the present "hello world" publish once I am within the recently produced blog. For that pages, I begin with the "about" page and merely edit that for my "about us" page.

Let me produce a script or plug-for the reason that I'm able to simply increase my website which will, when performed, instantly create individuals pages with my boilerplate content. For that "about us" page, I'm able to just edit the default "about page" via script. But for the initial "publish" the script can just edit the "hello world" publish. Another "pages" will have to be produced on your own through the script.

I am searching for applying for grants just how to get it done (a plug-in or perhaps a script thats submitted and performed) together with outside assistance using the wordpress API calls accustomed to create increase a publish along with a page's title and content.

For that default content, the about and phone content can be really short however i will have to make use of an exterior file to populate the privacy page. I am convinced that a preformatted .html file should be utilized for the foundation of the database place.

Interesting help!

Should you setup the blogs on your own every time, you can manipulate /wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php (function wp_install_defaults()) and set your website there.

That's, however, if you're confident with hacking Wordpress core files.

Another possibility is to get it done after installation having a custom SQL script. Only use phpMyAdmin to appear exactly what a current page appears like and make your personal "Place INTO" statement. For convenience, you can write a little Wordpress wordpress plugin, that does the place on activation and later on removes itself, or something like that such as this.

Edit: From searching in the above pointed out file, that you can do from within PHP with this particular:

$wpdb->insert( $wpdb->posts, array(
    'post_author' => $user_id,
    'post_date' => $now,
    'post_date_gmt' => $now_gmt,
    'post_content' => __('Lorem ipsum...'),
    'post_excerpt' => '',
    'post_title' => __('About'),
    /* translators: Default page slug */
    'post_name' => _x('about', 'Default page slug'),
    'post_modified' => $now,
    'post_modified_gmt' => $now_gmt,
    'guid' => $first_post_guid,
    'post_type' => 'page',
    'to_ping' => '',
    'pinged' => '',
    'post_content_filtered' => ''