I'm writing a wordpress plugin, which routes Web addresses to some custom format.

Basically put I wish to get rewrite rules for any given path, can one do that?

so for instance, I want a function the following:

$path = 'team/john-smith'

$rules =  get_rules($path)

$rules has become something similar to


or else, the particular rewrite rules array (and that i can build the string myself...)

array("team" => "john-cruz", "publish_type" => "team", "title"=> "john-cruz")

Perhaps you have checked out this function in includes/rewrite.php:

function url_to_postid($url)

My prediction is the fact that to find the actual rewrite rules, you would employ:

global $wordpress_rewrite

$rewrite = $wordpress_rewrite->wp_rewrite_rules()

Or call page_rewrite_rules(). There is a couple of interesting searching items of code for the reason that file.