I have got a Wordpress blog located on Linode under Cherokee web server, however the performance continues to be problematic the final days and Let me give an opportunity to Nginx.

So I have designed a DB backup from the current site, setup a LEMP platform, installed wordpress, and also the "new" wordpress, without any articles (yet) onto it works not surprisingly.

However when I restore the mysql database in the current blog, the website shows an empty page. I have replicated all of the wordpress-content directory to the new WordPress directory, and I have attempted to disable all of the plug ins, but nothing changes.

Actually, there's a much more important problem: I can not login with my old admin/pass account, that needs to be inherited in the old database. Actually after i perform a Choose around the wordpress_customers table, everything appears to become fine (comparable to that old installation), however i can't login regardless of what I actually do.

I have even attempted to alter the admin password by having an UPDATE and also the MD5 function under mysql, and even though table is up-to-date, the pass doesn't work either.

So that all I recieve is really a restore I can not use of (an neither my visitors can) :(

The problem leading to the blank page is probably that the old install used a style apart from the default, and also, since you have not replicated wordpress-content over, it's searching for a style that does not exist. I've found by using posting an installs database, this occurs instead of it simply reverting to some default theme, because it does whenever you remove the present theme with an active install.

Something you might consider looking to get round the login problems does a WordPress export (Tools -> Export). This works without having much media mounted on your present posts, because it is only going to copy publish contents, and never accessories. Import that export to some fresh Wordpress install in your new platform and both problems ought to be solved.

Might be a wordpress plugin problem relabel your wordpress plugin folder to "oldplugins" and find out what goes on.

Reupload fresh copies of WO core files/folders, aside from wordpress-config.php and wordpress-content

Might be a permissions problem check http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions

And: have you change DB table prefixes?

I'd this issue but eventually effectively restored it by learning from mistakes. The steps that labored were something similar to this:

  1. uninstalled wordpress
  2. installed a version which was working prior to the upgrade
  3. triggered same plug ins (same version) which were installed before
  4. restored the database
  5. here's where it will get fuzzy, but had login problems and content would show but no theme, and admin login rerouted to root site
  6. did this process for altering site URL: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL
  7. have no idea why which was necessary but following a couple of minutes, the hyperlinks began working. And after needing to request a brand new admin login by email several occasions through the process, I could admin login again.