For that existence of me I am unable to realise why I'm getting a lot trouble getting my category archives to operate.

All I would like is perfect for the course in line with the permalink:


to exhibit all of the posts for the reason that category, with 10 per page, and paginate correctly.

Without anything modifying the query, the website only shows 8 of posts on-page-1, then 2 posts on-page-2, and none on-page-3, yet you will find over 44 posts within this category.

Basically use the solution on this page, or customize the query by any means, it appears to exhibit posts of the many single category.

My template, category.php, is basically a duplicate from the index.php, so why do getting a lot of issues restricting the posts by category??

For reference, the course structure is really:

Posts (parent) - Music (child) - Art (child) - Film (child) - Misc (child)

Then your url is really as such: http://siteurl/posts/music etc

Could it be simply querying all of the posts in the parent category? If that's the case, how do you pressure it simply to get posts in the specific and current child category based on the permalink?

hi you can test use twentyten template and then try to specify the course

<?php query_posts('category_name=special_cat&showposts=10'); ?>

In case your category.php is applying the have_post(); the_post(); also known as "The Loop", you cannot possess the correct pagination should you pressure to show specific quantity of publish inside a page.

"The Loop" is definitely following the amount of publish per page occur your admin panel. Should you change that (quantity of publish per page) inside your admin panel to 10, you're going to get the right pagination. But when you would like that setting unchanged, you have to query the publish on your own and display it without needing the "The Loop".

You should use the foreach($post in $posts) rather than have_post();the_post();.