I am pretty a new comer to website design (but a really experienced programmer) and I am developing a really quite simple wordpress blog for any friend. Have a look if you would like: http://beachief.com/. At this time he's a website planned to some wordpress.com account, and so i don't have any use of plug ins or custom styles. This is exactly what he wants me to include:

A like/dislike function for those posts

One section with 2 blog posts alongside (not based on the theme - or any others which i may find)

A chance to let customers sign in and publish their very own content

My real question is: is stuff possible related to a wordpress.com account? Or is he going to have to change to an individually located wordpress.org site? Allow me to read your comments, thanks

Personally, I like Wordpress. This is an incredibly flexible, stable, and powerful Content management systems.

If you are really wanting so onOrdon't like functions, I discovered this: http://www.mrphpguru.com/blog/2011/01/14/like-dislike-post-plugins-for-wordpress/

But you will find several other great publish rating options here: http://www.geeksucks.com/showcases/10-cool-wordpress-plugins-for-ratings.htm

as well as for people signing in and posting their very own content, you can handle customers with the Wordpress after sales (usually yoursite.com/wordpress-login or yoursite.com/wordpress-admin), and permit or deny specific permissions from their store.

He will have to change to Wordpress.org and become independantly located. Wordpress.com doesn't allow you to use plug ins or custom styles, unless of course you have to pay for any Very important personel plan.