I have hired a Wordpress programmer for coding my website in wordpress. I am utilizing a year slider on portfolio page to sort projects within certain range eg 2004 to 2007, 2005 to 2009 etc. He's using posts publish project particulars and earlier recommended to make use of publish date as released date, which is not entirely true and that i wasn't confident with.

He's searching for another solution where he is able to filter projects inside a range, rather by type, category or simply single date. He's stuck onto it from the week. I began looking for good examples in which a wordpress website is carrying out that functionality but all in vain. Can someone please advise a possible solution or perhaps an concept that he is able to try? I am not so technical in php/coding, an advanced concept could be good. Thanks ahead of time.

You may be thinking about the Pods CMS. It allows you add custom content types to WordPress. Using Coffee pods, you can produce a custom content type known as project and provide it qualities like published_date or type. You can then produce a Portfolio page that shows project products and will be offering sorting options which will sort the products based on the qualities.

Here's an example site which i based in the showcase around the Coffee pods website. Each project includes qualities just like a title, screenshot, a listing of technologies it uses, along with a description. Towards the top of the page, you are able to filter projects by kind of project or kind of work. Using Coffee pods, this can be done kind of factor. Inside your situation, rather than blocking by kind of project or kind of work, you are able to filter by year.

All the publish/page meta data may be used to sort leads to the wordpress loop. Too your programmer can use variable publish tag, or simply make use of a custom variable within the custom meta data for every publish or page.

Custom fields are very effective, and i believe they will be the best answer to sort and classify work inside your portfolio.