I know for my wordpress blog.

I wish to possess a page where my visitors can send me messages, not by email. Kind of just like a comment, however they should not be on the blog itself. And, I'd rather not read them within the comment area, but rather possess a separate view for this.

I've got a couple of ideas, however i need your guidance to get the best way.

  • I create a special page, using the php_exec
  • I give a comment area towards the page but allow it to be store in certain other place than normal comments do.

  • I personally use a previously existing wordpress plugin which i have totally skipped.

How does one get it done?

If there's one positive thing about wordpress, it's the amount of plug ins available which do just about anything imaginable. You should check if WATS suits your requirements, whether it does not just google "wordpress ticket wordpress plugin".