I am a Java/.Internet developer but on my small free time I have began considering WordPress (for private projects). I am less good in PHP like me in Java or C# however i manage. With nevertheless, I accept tips from either language (becasue it is personal projects I favor to visit free cause it's free).

What I am attempting to do is developing a small multi-language business site with standard pages (home, about us, e mail us and so forth), news, an easy store (just listing the items is a good example at first) along with a photo gallery.

Things I like about WordPress is the fact that it is extremely flexible with custom publish types and so forth (since I am gonna need news records, items and various content types on a single site). A collection back may be the admin interface for any "client" with minor computer understanding, they need to "Produce a Publish" with publish type product rather than recption menus saying "Create Product" or "Create News Entry".

So essentially me are:

  • Standard Pages (Start page, contact page page and so forth)
  • Multi-Language (Both in content and pages)
  • Store (Rather easy one)
  • Photo Gallery (Simple too)
  • News
  • "Company Admin" (A person that may only access posting stuff. Create news, pages and so forth. Not install plug ins or manage layout)
  • Simplify Admin GUI ("Create Product" rather than "Create Publish" with product as publish type)

Now you ask ,: What Content management systems must i use?

Hope I managed to get obvious enough what I am attempting to achieve! Any input is welcome! Thanks ahead of time!

Modern CMSs with the help of their plug ins and extensions are pretty much doing the thing you need. I have used Joomla before to develop sites with much of your needs with minimal effort. I in addition have a Java background I have found Liferay, that is designed in Java, quite interesting. At this time it is a mature product with extensive user/group personalization and Portal development as portlets.

Concerning Joomla addressing your needs:

  • Joomfish for multilanguage support
  • Webpage treated specifically, contact and form pages as modules
  • VirtueMart for shopping cart software
  • Plenty of photo art galleries to select from as extensions
  • I believe built-in News functionality as module (unsure) but too plenty of extensions
  • "Company Admin" while you describe could be a lower fortunate customers.For Joomla Admin separation take a look here
  • Unsure that which you mean by simplify Admin GUI. A person with lower rights may have less configurations within the site once they login.

I have had great results with both Silverstripe and Concrete 5. Both of them have user management as well as an interface you can use by novice customers. In addition, both are built upon a custom MVC framework and expect personalization to be carried out by a programmer instead of within the Content management systems itself. By doing this, the interface consists of less annoying configuration stuff.

If the does not meet your needs, almost always there is Drupal, that is very easy to customize and focused on custom page types too.

Best of luck!