this site : possess a two column layout as well as in ie6 the best column is flushed in the button... it seem like and inline problem, but despite the inline widget.. will still be at the end..

any idea to repair a wordpress template to experience well with ie6 ?

thanks ahead of time

n.b. As pointed out within the comment... my page don't validate... after fixing the multiples problems now I validate in XHTML 1. Strict... the main problem remains !

I've discovered the issue.... it's was an hentry that overflow this content box.... ie6 identify it !... in css i've add overflow:hidden then it is ok !.. thanks anyway

There is a couple of missing closing </div> tags that could be the issue: [Invalid]Markup Validation of - W3C Markup Validator. Scroll lower within the validation are accountable to see line amounts and source code.

Additionally you should use the IE6 specific style sheet that's inside your theme at /headway-166/media/css/ie6.css