I'm while using twentyten default theme.

I wish to alter the feel and look of my home page only. I've got a stylesheet which will it "mystyle.css"

And So I produced home.perl

Can there be any hooks will be able to use to incorporate a stylesheet?

Bing is not helping?

when the solution Matt gave you is not what you're searching for you could use wp_enqueue_style()

find out more at http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_enqueue_style

The easiest way to do this is to utilize a child theme. Essentially, you place your CSS like a separate file inside a separate directory, and you've got a young child theme. That links towards the parent theme's stylesheet to drag in the style, then overrides anything you like to override. That page I linked to includes a complete example that is going to do the thing you need.

It has the benefit when twentyten will get up-to-date later on, you'll get all of the new twentyten fixes instantly, as well as your stylesheet overrides will still apply.

So, once you have the kid theme CSS file setup, it's only a matter of focusing on the home page just with your CSS, that is easy. Twentyten, like the majority of styles, is applicable classes towards the <body> from the page to point what type of page it's. For instance, home page's <body> presently appears like this:

<body class="home blog logged-in"> 

...using the home class showing that this is actually the home page.

So, just target your CSS at elements with the addition of the "home" class specifier. For instance, should you put this inside your stylesheet:

body.home p { 
   font-weight: bold;

Then all sentences around the webpage is going to be bold, but other pages will not suffer.