I am using wordpress custom area known as company_title in the finish from the publish to show company title. I am in a position to display the need for custom area however the output coming isn't hyperlinked like wordpress groups.

Things I want happens when customer click the organization title wordpress should show all posts associated with that company.

I'd rather not use wordpress groups with this. Can anybody assist me to please with custom fields.

Your real question is a little vague, but this is what I'd use the way you referred to what you would like:

  1. Tag each relevant publish with "Company Title"
  2. In custom area, add key/value company_title/Company Title
  3. Produce a short code [company-title]
  4. Whenever you process rapid code:
    • Grab the custom area value for company_title
    • wrap the anchor-text "Company Title" having a tag link, such as this: href="http://mysite.com/tag/company-title">Company Title