I've trouble with one wordpress custom menu, from Apperance > Menus i set that connect to open in new tab. After i visit the site, and then click Forum (that is button who i wish to open in new tab), new tab using the forum is opened up but, meanwhile within the primary tab where it's said to be the WordPress i've the forum loaded and that i must return via button or shortcut.

My WordPress installation version is 3.1.1

Thanks ahead of time.

Regards. Ivelin Georgiev

I'm not sure if this sounds like what you have carried out already or otherwise but this is the way I usually get menu products to spread out in new tabs and haven't ever endured this issue.

Visit Appearance > Menus. At the very top click Screen Options and appearance the bow that states 'Link Targets'. After that time the product you need to open inside a new tab just choose 'New Tab' for that link target whenever you expand that item's information.

If the does not work, or if this sounds like already your work I'd try upgrading towards the latest WordPress and find out in the event that helps.