I am attempting to create a website portfolio in WordPress using custom publish types. I have divided what I have to do in 4 steps:

  1. Register the Custom Publish Type (Projects)
  2. Register new Taxonomy (Abilities)
  3. Register new Custom Inputs (Recommendations)
  4. Setup Posts &lifier Labels in Admin for brand new Custom Publish Type

I have incorporated the portion of code from the functions.php here: http://pastebin.com/BCLz6ada

Here's the issue: I recieve the posts and labels placed in step four, but neither the 'skills' or even the 'testimonial' shows up within the corresponding column. They just do not appear.

Any help regarding how to understand this info to transfer in the write screen for this overview screen could be useful. I have attempted searching here on SO as well as on the codex itself and that i can't decipher it. Any help could be appreciated.


There is a typo inside your code, the function online 74 is known as "push_custom_posts" when it ought to be known as "proj_custom_posts"