I've both of these claims during my init


While using parse_request filter, I can tell that my rule has been matched up and used.

However, Wordpress is sending the page, so that all my /vars/at/the/finish are lost once the page renders.

After I output something in the query_var filter, I recieve a Headers already sent message, and so i realize that wordpress is attempting to forward the page.


Should you put something in the finish like: http://1parkplace.mysharedvision.com/dev/listings/travis-heights-test/what-is-this/

You will see what i'm saying.

Any ideas?

Figured it


My custom publish type was cirrus_posts and so i just checked out wordpress' <?php var_dump($wp_rewrite->wp_rewrite_rules()); ?>

To determine what it really was doing which allow me to right factor