I am considering using Wordpress custom publish types to produce a fundamental property website.

The publish type is going to be for property entries. I have made the decision to possess one publish type for Available and something for Rental fees, simple simply because they have somewhat different property information.

An average listing will have to specify some good info, ie, could it be a home, a condo or possibly it is simply a bit of land.

Do you know the benefits and drawbacks of indicating this data using custom fields (meta data) versus using taxonomy (groups and tags)?

I can tell that it's not hard to search according to taxonomy, but custom publish types meta data may also be queried.

Also, it appears this question is applicable to the publish data where discrete options are needed: meta data checkbox, choose or taxonomy.

Any ideas?


I have done exactly what you're speaking about, for both (using Custom Fields versus Groups). My view is you need to use a combination - use Groups which are more information (eg Available, Kind of Property etc) and employ Custom Fields for that actual data for that listing.

Wordpress then has numerous built-in functions to organise that data in a intuitive way, and enables you to definitely easily group qualities of the identical type together, in exactly what sort of user really wants to see the data.

My preference for which you are attempting to do could be taxonomy for an additional reasons:

Search engine optimization and Easy To Use Web addresses

With groups and tags, WordPress permalinks are setup to place that information within the URL for you personally. This can go a lengthy way for the Search engine optimization and usability of the site because you'll have the ability to create Web addresses like:



I'm not sure if you possess the need for this, but creating a hierarchy with groups is simple. This provides you with plenty of versatility if this involves organizing you.

Theme Coding

While you stated, you can perform custom queries for meta data, but WordPress has numerous out-of-the-box functions to question and display according to tags and groups. This means that you will need to write less code to obtain your theme to complete what you would like.