Anybody acquainted with WordPress shortcodes? I possibly could really make use of a hands! I have placed the next code into my functions.php apply for the theme I am using...

function create_slideshow_header($atts, $content = null){
    return '<div class="item_heading">'.$content.'</div>';
add_shortcode('slideshow_heading', 'create_slideshow_header');
function create_slideshow_white_header($atts, $content = null){
    return '<span id="dyn">'.$content.'</span>';
add_shortcode('slideshow_heading_white', 'create_slideshow_white_header');
function create_slideshow_content($atts, $content = null){
    return '<div class="item_content">'.$content.'</div>';
add_shortcode('slideshow_content', 'create_slideshow_content');

Now, I had been brought to think by a number of lessons this should let me place the next in to the text editor within the Wordpress after sales...

[slideshow_heading]SLIDESHOW HEADER[/slideshow_heading]

...and also the SLIDESHOW HEADER text could be covered with the right HTML.... but it is just exhibiting the above mentioned as regular text. I have removed my cache, etc...

Can there be something I am doing wrong? Thanks ahead of time!


I unsuccessful to say which i was while using MultiEdit wordpress plugin--which utilizes "custom fields" to produce extra editable regions. WordPress easily does not parse shortcodes in custom fields. Normally, you may create a filter for every custom area, but as this is a wordpress plugin, you can easily edit the multiedit.php file, and alter line 63 from

echo $GLOBALS['multiEditDisplay'][$index][0];


echo apply_filters('the_content',$GLOBALS['multiEditDisplay'][$index][0]);

After some work, you are able to turn Wordpress right into a truly amazing Content management systems!

I really examined your code, it really works for me personally. Your usage is appropriate.

Try adding a die() inside to determine if the technique is contacted your situation.