I have encounter what appears like two pretty major restrictions of WP's custom taxonomies.

I've a current blog with 100s of publish. Let me retroactively introduce custom publish types and taxonomies.

I've got a very elaborate (and hard to make use of) categorization plan which should get this to simple to do basically could just mass convert posts within given category to some custom publish types or custom taxonomy. (The reason being different content types obtain own groups [article, video,] just like different taxonomy types [people, places])

I have already produced the custom publish types and taxonomies which i need while using wordpress plugin custom publish type ui.

The initial step, altering the publish kind of certain posts, is simple to complete using the convert publish types wordpress plugin. (It enables you to definitely alter the publish kind of posts under any category, which inserts me perfectly.)

The 2nd step, transforming certain groups to custom taxonomies (say, some groups about political figures to some "political figures" custom taxonomy family) is showing to become bloody impossible. There does not appear to become a category to custom taxonomy ripper tools wordpress plugin available (the way in which there's for custom publish type conversion,) regardless of the apparent requirement for one by anybody searching to to use WP3.0's CMSing improvements for an already established blog.

So I have attempted going the manual route. Basically by hand alter the "taxonomy" area of various terms within the wordpress_term_taxonomy table - say, from category to political figures, a custom taxonomy - all posts under that (former) category reflect the update. By trying to edit a publish, the custom taxonomy meta-boxes display the best term. (I've not attempted writing a custom loop to ascertain if the posts would display on the website, so I'm not sure in the event that works, however i assume it will.) To date, so great. Approximately It Might Appear:

The first problem is when put forth the custom taxonomy page (the same as the "category" or "publish tags" page under posts,) no terms display in the table in the right. Should you Look for them, though, they are doing appear.

Here's what an experienced Wordpress developer explained after i introduced this up:

"I believe the issue with upgrading the db by hand would be that the publish cache doesn’t get transformed. (See update_publish_caches().) I have to make certain I’m doing that after I alter the publish types, too."

Regrettably, I am not quite sure what which means or what related to that.

The second problem is the fact that developing a custom taxonomy and associating it with posts (or any custom publish type) does not produce a filter box around the view posts page, the actual way it does for groups. This will make custom taxonomies almost useless, a minimum of during my situation.

So, does anybody have tips on how to convert groups to custom taxonomies (or at best ways to get these to display within the after sales should you convert them by hand) and just how to include a taxonomy filter around the posts page?


Additionally, there are some open WordPress support threads relating to this problem:

It's this type of apparent need, I keep thinking I have to be looking over something fundamental, but apparently I am not by yourself.

Checkout this modified category/tag ripper tools wordpress plugin http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/16460 including custom taxonomies. Its working perfectly for me personally along with a real-time saving idea.

After hunting for a while looking for a wordpress plugin to get this done, I determined it is possible easily with the Bulk Publish Editor.

I simply authored the steps to get it done around the Blog section on Themespotter.com:

How to Convert Post Tags to Custom Taxonomies in WordPress

Tell me for those who have any queries.