Easy question: how do you produce a custom URL in WordPress without developing a page first?

I understand about template inheritance and that i know will be able to always specify a custom template in page-page_title.php. But rather than developing a page, Among the finest the custom template and also the URL.

Therefore if Time passes to http://mysite.com/custom_page_1 I wish to have the ability to modify a template with this link which link only without creating a clear page known as Custom The First Page.

To my understanding, Web addresses are basically permalinks which are produced by spinning the default domain.com/?p=x, where x may be the publish ID. So unless of course there's something within the database which has an ID (publish, page, category, user id, etc) then there's absolutely nothing to rewrite.

Are you currently concerned about posting a webpage before it ought to be? Create a drat of this page and preview it.

Otherwise, why cant you produce the page?