There exists a large project built-in php 5.2 (we use Zend framework), and we wish to integrate wordpress with this running code to be able to:

  • allow our customers to publish articles (blogs in specific groups, with comments and all sorts of the awesome wordpress features)
  • use wordpress to be able to develop a a quick question &lifier solutions feature using a commercial theme (from templatic)

We've not a problem integrating an easy wordpress blog with this code ( Our problem in the two cases is the fact that we want deep integration between wordpress and our class hierarchy:

  1. Single sign up using our authentication techniques (we'll disable the registration and login features within the wordpress installation)
  2. Use our user data in wordpress: user names, explanations, avatars, along with other profile data with links towards the profile pages in our site
  3. Track posts, comments along with other activity from customers to be able to present summaries within their profile pages, rely on them within our internal "user ranking" information and/or badges, etc
  4. Use our very own wealthy editor for creating new posts or embed the wordpress wealthy editor to the site (with no relaxation from the admin features)

I looked, however i could only find simple solutions for showing posts or user data, and so i would appreciate any assist you to can provide me.

Used to do an identical project some time to the very best of my understanding:

  1. This really is difficult to determine not understanding the way you authenticate. How I'd get it done is by something similar to OpenID so it's not necessary to cope with a lot of passwords/duplicate user records, but trained with appears you've legacy data, simplest may be simply to write a bit of code that constantly updates the Wordpress user table with data out of your Zend framework. If you want more information on how to pull off this, please comment and I'll increase the detail (Up to the SQL query I did previously import customers from the proprietary DB into Wordpress with BuddyPress).

  2. See above. In case your user data consists of more fields than Wordpress does automatically, consider setting up BuddyPress to permit custom profile fields. After that you can build support with this in to the bridge script pointed out above.

  3. BuddyPress may be great for creating these summaries (Presuming all this information is handled by Wordpress). Nevertheless, I am unsure of how you'd pass these stats towards the Zend site -- you'll most likely need to write a lot of manual stat-gathering queries that execute whenever a stats page is loaded.

  4. This does not make much sense -- exactly what do you mean, "with no relaxation from the admin features"? Should you provide a user "Author" permissions in Wordpress, they are able to make use of the publish editor without getting use of the site's admin functionality. Just setup your user roles correctly and direct individuals to /wordpress-admin/? Why would you need to "embed" the editors other areas? You are able to most likely write a wordpress plugin that shows your RTF text editor interface rather than WP's default one, but it is nothing like posts from which will see your Zend framework adding Wordpress' editor to Zend pages will not make sure they are save to WordPress -- they'll you need to be HTML formatted and saved to the same location as before.

Personally though, unless of course the Zend framework does lots of really extensive, specialized work, I'd try to replicate the whole factor in Wordpress (Since you will be posting the majority of the Zend framework data anyway). The majority of that which you specified (User ratings accomplishments) can be achieved with free Wordpress plug ins. Just my two.