I've got a couple of lessons that I must write down. Many web-based lessons possess a demo page along with a zip download from the demo. I'm able to easily upload a zip file to my publish, however the for that demo i am less than sure. The demo page will have to differ in the theme I am presently using. An example of the style could be http://css-tricks.com/3d-text-tower/ . Does anybody understand how to create a demo page in this fashion using wordpress?

Within the example you linked, I believe the demo is (most likely) only a static page within an "good examples" subfolder from the site. To ensure that would not be among what you would like, becasue it is not tied directly into WordPress or whatever Content management systems they are using.

Should you prefer a demo to reside inside a specific design, just produce a new page template which strips out needless stuff or else provides you with a pleasant canvas position for the demo. After you have that, you may make a brand new page for that demo, choose the demo template, and paste the code in to the HTML tab from the WordPress editor.