The problem:

  • Wordpress based website for Vet clinic
  • Image rotator on frontpage, separate header image mounted on every page

The preferred situation:

  • Image rotator with several images on every page

Presently you'll be able to couple several images having a page, within the after sales they're proven within the "Gallery". I must show these images within the rotator.

Before I participate in writing my very own wordpress plugin to get this done my question:

It is possible to wordpress plugin available that may rotate several images on every page?

You will find a couple of ways to get this done.

  1. Making use of your current image rotator, you may create templates for the new pages (page-your-slug.php) and add different images towards the rotator on each template file. They are produced it your theme folder. Read more here.
  2. Second item is by using the is_page() function. Using that you could write and when statement to show the various images. if(is_page('your_page')) , repeat all over again.
  3. 3rd choice is presuming that you would like this to become more dynamic and changeable. Install the attachments plugin. this will help you to upload a number of images to every page (or publish), which you'll then loop through inside your slider - this process is most likely the very best.

Hope this can help.