I have found a lot of code and plug ins to complete something more important from show posts for specific felines, subcats of the cat, etc.. BUT, I am unable to for that existence of me find, nor will i be aware of Wordpress API good enough to complete things i need by using it..

Here's what I am attempting to accomplish:

Display a UL of subcats within Cat31, and also the posts for every of individuals subcats:

SubCat1 Publish 1 Publish 2

SubCat2 Publish 1 Publish 2

SubCat3 Publish 1 Publish 2

It's pretty easy, but all of the loops I've attempted fail either in the subcat loop or even the publish loop (either works, I am unable to have them both to operate..)

So, unless of course I'm able to look for a wordpress plugin to get this done (I'd would rather code this right into a template file!) then I have to learn how to:

Loop Subcats within Cat31 while looping subcasts, loop posts for every subcat

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!

I believe here's the thing you need.

$categories=  get_categories('child_of=10');  for each  $categories as $category {
      //Display the sub category information using $category values like $category->cat_name
      $posts_array = get_posts( 'category=$category->cat_ID' );
      for each $posts_array as $post {
           //Display the posts information using $post values like $post->post_title
      }  }

You need to simply format them. Hope this is of help.

@Free Lancer, Many thanks.. we have spent together with your code for a little, I could have great results. A few of the changes incorporated:

'for each' transformed to foreach

foreach claims covered with ()

I additionally transformed the 'category=$category->cat_ID' to 'cat='.$category->term_id

lastly, I transformed the foreach loop around the posts and added setup_postdata( $post ); to that particular loop.

For those that require a snippet which will display a listing of subcategories, inside a specified category, AND show all of the posts within all of individuals subcats.. here you go:

$categories =  get_categories('child_of=31');  
foreach  ($categories as $category) {
        //Display the sub category information using $category values like $category->cat_name
        echo '<h2>'.$category->name.'</h2>';
        echo '<ul>';

        foreach (get_posts('cat='.$category->term_id) as $post) {
            setup_postdata( $post );
            echo '<li><a href="'.get_permalink($post->ID).'">'.get_the_title().'</a></li>';   
        echo '</ul>';

Many thanks for the help and pointing me within the right direction !!