I wish to show the projects which has had it's checkbox ticked as Branding, whether it's around the Branding page (i.e the page title is Branding).

To describe the code a little:

This line show's all of the checkboxes which have been ticked for every project therefore it will output "Branding", "Web", "Print" should they have been ticked.

implode(', ',get_field('categories')

This next lines are just checking the page title is "Branding":

implode(', ',get_field('categories')

I am attempting to put these in an if statement where it might just output the checked boxes and when they match the title then output them.

<?php if(implode(', ',get_field('categories')) && $grid_title == "Branding"); {
echo "testing"; 

The code above shows what I wish to do however it does not quite work.

IMPORTANT: I am using this plugin to produce the custom checkboxes so please bear that in your mind.


UPDATE: Thanks greatly to Adam Hug for fixing things i requested, small update to question:

How could I code this nicely - making use of your answer, Branding only agreed to be an example from the check boxes, additionally, there are other a person's like Web, Print, Social just how could I match individuals towards the page title too?

So it will likely be like if checked area equals the page title "branding" do OR checked area equals page title "web" OR checked area equals page title "print".

the function you are searching for is [cde]:


Note: this assumes that consequence of that implode is array with strings like "Branding", "Web", etc.

Edit: Since we are using <?php if( in_array("Branding", get_field('categories')) && $grid_title == "Branding" ){ echo "testing"; } , I suppose get_area returns type implode(), therefore we place the implode away (I acquired confused for some time)

Edit: Sorry, was away :]

you could utilize [cde]