I am looking to get some knowledge of how Wordpress works even though checking the database I discovered that, inside a multisite installation, there's a table known as wp_site that appears always holding just one record having a corresponding site_id. I am unable to understand (nor find on the internet) what's the utilization of site_id when really multisites appear to make use of wp_blogs and corresponding blog_id for determining different sites.(http://codex.wordpress.org/Database_Description)

Can someone shed some light on which ought to be my knowledge of site_id?



site is really a mention of the a network of blogs. You will find efforts arrived to permit WordPress to aid multiple systems additionally to multiple blogs, but at this time that isn't a regular feature (and that's why the wp_site table only consists of one value.

The wp_blogs table consists of all the blogs for the entire installation, with every recognized through the site it's connected with.

This provides a clean separation between systems, and (eventually) you'll have the ability to have different "groups" of blogs on a single WordPress installation become distinct multisite installations.