My real question is about hosting Django and Wordpress under one domain, but two physical machines (really, they're VMs but same diff).

Let us say I've got a Django webapp at Let me begin a Wordpress blog about my webapp, so any website rank mojo flows to my webapp, I would like your blog address t be My understanding is wouldn't transfer stated page ranking mojo.

Because I am concerned about Wordpress security defects compromising my Django webapp, I wish to host Django and Wordpress on two physically separate machines.

Given everything, is it feasible using re-write rules or perhaps a reverse proxy server to get this done? I understand the easiest way would be to make my Wordpress blog a subdomain, however i really don't wish to do this.

Has anybody carried this out previously, could it be stable? Basically require a third server to become a devoted reverse proxy, that's totally fine.


This can be done with haproxy -- a strong software load balancer:

  user haproxy
  group haproxy
#  chroot /usr/share/haproxy
  pidfile /var/run/
  log local0 info

  log global
  mode http
  option httplog
  option dontlognull
  option redispatch
  option httpclose
  option forwardfor
  balance roundrobin
  retries 3
  contimeout 5000
  clitimeout 600000
  srvtimeout 600000

frontend http_proxy :80
  acl path_foo path_beg /foo
  use_backend foo if path_foo
  default_backend www

backend foo
  server foo0

backend www
  server www0