I am creating a timeline in Wordpress, and I am attempting to make a publish using the date The month of january 12, 1800, but Wordpress does not allow me. Apparently, it does not allow me to publish anything prior to the year 1970. Can there be in whatever way to repair it?

My opportunity, Studio Hyperset, just launched a wordpress plugin that addresses this problem:

:: http://studiohyperset.com/wordpress-advanced-dates-plugin/4016

You should use Custom Fields to keep the date, and reveal that instead of the_date or even the_time calls.

Place the the date right into a custom area and display that rather and also you could sort with that custom area too, therefore the finish result would not be different.

If all of your dates will be within the 1800s, possibly you are able to configure Wordpress to exhibit the date by 50 percent digit format and stick "18" before it.

Many people claim that they can have the ability to use pre-1970 dates, although the bug continues to be offically open for 3.: WordPress › Support » Bug with backdated post before 1 January 1970 - wp2.8 It's alleged that the issue is the se of negative time stamps, which some server OS's can't handle.

Could a custom area be utilized for that year sooner than 1970 even though printing the "current" day and month?

PHP (the programming language WordPress is designed in) utilizes a unix timestamp, the quantity of seconds because the first The month of january 1970. Which means that you cannot use dates before that date, as that's "the start of time" based on PHP.

Sorry in the event that wasn't the solution you desired :(

I am fairly sure this is not a Wordpress problem, more particularly a PHP problem that has brought to Wordpress coping with it.

This excerpt is obtained from the PHP Manual:

The valid selection of a timestamp is usually from Comes to an end, 13 12 , 1901 20:45:54 GMT to Tue, 19 Jan 2038 03:14:07 GMT. (Fundamental essentials dates that match the minimum and maximum values for any 32-bit signed integer). However, before PHP 5.1. this range was limited from 01-01-1970 to 19-01-2038 on some systems (e.g. Home windows).

So it might not be an issue with Wordpress itself, you may want to make contact with someone at Wordpress concerning the problem, possibly they are able to implement PHPs calendar extension.